Alexander Bekhterev


A marketing professional with 3 years of international experience and business education from 3 schools across the world and life experience in 6 cities (Europe, Russia and USA).

I have deep knowledge in email marketing, digital marketing strategy and marketing automation, CRM and web analytics, as well as related fields (project management, social media marketing, content management, data management and online advertising). Throughout my career, I have been advising biggest Ecommerce, Retail, Gaming and Tech companies located in Europe, USA and CIS region and successfully managing my client portfolio worth $1.6 million (e.g., L'Oreal, EMC, Auchan, Jiu Jitsu Global Federation.) Some of the projects I have done were for recent start-up companies and small businesses and this required from me strategic thinking, thorough research (e.g. competitive analysis) and immediate actions. The teams I built and managed were successfully dealing with technical integrations and creation of digital marketing programs (user acquisition, demand generation programs, lead generation programs, nurturing, email marketing campaigns.)

I've got reliable analytical, entrepreneurial, problem-solving, planning, managing, executing experience in marketing based on excellent international and UCLA education in marketing management, technology management, and mathematics. I have a “can-do-it” work attitude, and I am driven and fully committed to delivering excellent results wherever I put my effort. There is no challenge that could not be overcome and I believe my biggest achievements are ahead of me. A job that is well-done is my key source of happiness and it drives my interest in learning new marketing tools and concepts.

  • Work
    • Emarsys
  • Education
    • UCLA
    • Graduate School of Management, Saint Petersburg State University
    • Lappeenranta University of Technology
    • School of Applied Mathematics — Control Processes, Saint Petersburg State University