Alexander Varghese

Student and Consultant in Heidelberg, Deutschland

Try my food

Hi guys, I’m Alex. I’m 28 and a student living in Ladenburg, very close to Heidelberg, Deutschland. Ladenburg is the town, where the first car in the world was found, by Mr. Benz, named after his daughter Mercedes.

I am a big fan of entrepreneurship, and getting to know new people. I’m also interested in dancing, music, singing (usually under the shower) and drinking Indian Tea, which is the country my ancestors are originally from. I love to cook, but unfortunately you can´t try my food with a click on the button above. :-), but I could send you some pictures of my food creations. : - )

I was born in northern Germany in a small village called Helmstedt, which is close to Hannover and Braunschweig. By the age of six, my parents and I moved to Heidelberg, where I lived for approximately 20 years. Finally I moved with my girlfriend and our little girl to Ladenburg.

My friends and family either live across the world or are from very different countries, which is why I was raised very multicultural. But I never had the opportunity to have Chinese friends, which is why I am very excited to get to know you and of course very interested to work with you too.

See you soon!

Alex :)