Alexandra Apesland

Who am I? Good question. Anyone who can answer that should probably share their “Manual to Life” with me. As far as I am concerned, “I” am still a work in progress – a canvas that has just been primed, a plane preparing for takeoff, Leo still hustling for that Oscar, or the Game of Thrones series.

Maybe lets try for “what am I?” That seems a wee bit easier to answer. I am a Canadian. I am a female. I am a redhead. My ancestors were Irish, Scottish, French, English and Norwegian. I am as well, I suppose. I am the onlydaughter of my mom and dad, and the little sister to my one big brother. I am the mother of two cats and the favouriteaunty of one dog. I am a lover of animals, visual art, art history, dancing, music,knitting, crocheting, quilting, reading, writing, learning, history, archaeology, traveling, crying, laughing, dreaming and living. The rest I have yet to figure out.

I am not here to bore you, or drown you in my sorrows. I am probably not going to be inspiring – I hate cooking and KFC is my favourite vegetable. My goal is simple; I want to narrate to you the stories of my life as I stumble ever so ungracefully through this world. Lets trip and enjoy this fall together.