Alexandra Katz


Alexandra Katz is an independent journalist covering business, economics, geopolitics and culture. Her carrier as a business reporter started back in 2001 in the mainstream daily in Russia. By 2002 she was an editor of a real estate weekly and by 2003, an editor-in-chief of "St. Petersburg Business Magazine", a regional project of Russia's leading business publication, "Business Magazine". During the days of global financial crisis she was leading a team of 10 people, delivering insightful monthly business magazine to the readers without fail.

Since 2008-2009 Katz been working in several South Asian countries exploring their history, culture and social challenges. For past four years she has been residing in Mumbai, the financial capital of India, where she reports on various sectors of business - from IT & telecom to banking, pharmaceuticals, energy and diamonds. She is closely covering bilateral issues between Russia and India, BRICS and emerging markets.

When free from business reporting, she spends time researching various social issues, from religious, gender and caste discrimination to prostitution, poverty and environmental threats.

  • Education
    • MA in Journalism, St.Petersbourg State University, Russia