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Alexandra Maracinaru

Mother and Graphic Designer in Copenhagen, Denmark

Alexandra Maracinaru

Mother and Graphic Designer in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Originally from Romania, I grew up all over the world, thanks to the folks that brought me to this wonderful place that we call HOME.

I became a designer out of boredom and out of a deep curiosity to how it would be like to learn a new skill.

It has been the best skill I have ever learned and one that gives me tremendous pleasure!

It all began back in 2008-2009, as a hobby, and I am very grateful to say that the hobby turned into a business. I am one of the lucky ones that do what they most love and earn a living out of it.

I also sing, write songs, read a lot and enjoy spending most of the little time that I have here on Earth with my son and my hubby.

A year ago I gave my life to Christ and since then I am embracing the gifts I receive as a daughter of God; gifts of grace upon grance, the Holy Spirit and peace which surpasses all understanding. Together with those gifts I have received some other things that I didn't consider gifts at first, but that turned out to be the most treasured of treasures: the awarness that comes from reading the Bible, the humility with which I try to cloth myself daily, the perseverance and patience that were gain through trials and last, but definitely not least, the enormous unconditional love that I am able to emanate in order to portray that same love of Christ for His Curch - us.

And since I must be "quick to listen and slow to speak", enough about me and tell me more about you.

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