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Alexandria Norcliffe


Hey babes.

Welcome to Alex's page on the big old internet! Big up to all the homies and honies from Redditch! I have now moved to Nuneaton. I'd love to hear from some of the old peeps from the BlueKrew lol. Anyhow!. I've just finished College and have an apprentice place starting in 2014 down in the very South of England, so I will be moving AGAIN. If you wanna hit me up use the "email me" button on my profile. By the way I finally stopped dying my hair you will be pleased to know, I'm no longer known as Crazy Colour Girl. :D lmao. My sister's Amy and Belle are both engaged to be married and my big bro has so kindly given me a nephew who I love to bits and am going to insanely spoil when I start getting paid!!!!!!!!


Omg, I've run out of things to blather on about.

Goodbye from me!