Alex Cotto

Entrepreneur and Application Sales Manager in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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I have been on the forefront of the SaaS industry since 2004. My involvement in SaaS spans over a decade, with emphasis on HCM (HR & Talent Management), and Customer Experience (Business Development, Marketing, Sales, Service, Social, Mobile).

I have witnessed first hand the positive impact SaaS has had on businesses big, small, and within all industries. SaaS has leveraged the playing field for businesses to engage, transact, and compete on all fronts. Businesses that make a SaaS investment today will undoubtedly receive long term positive ROI results tomorrow, based on the Forrester ROI of SaaS report.

I follow the SaaS industry closely and have a soft spot for the Customer Experience arena. My goal is to help all my clients compete more effectively, provide a competitive advantage, and leave their customers wowing and begging to have a repeat experience with their company/brand.

When I’m not working with South Florida’s business leaders you can find me spending time with my family, involved in my fair share of healthy physical activity, growing my business as a Beachbody Coach, reading (more recently listening on audible), traveling, and visiting South Florida’s awesome gastropubs, restaurants and lounges.

I am open to all SaaS, Technology, and Health & Fitness related discussions.

Whether it is to conduct mutually beneficial business, or simply exchange ideas, feel free to connect with me. I can also be reached by any of my contact details listed below.

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