Alex Dixon

Alex Dixon is an emerging eLearning project manager who thoroughly enjoys speaking about himself in the third person.

During his 6,000+ hours of project management experience, Alex has worked with, and provided services for, a diverse array of well-respected organizations including Best Buy, Bombardier, Edheads, InterExchange, Lowe's,, National Center for Family Literacy, National Heritage Academies, Roto, Starbucks, and Texas Roadhouse.

In January 2011, Alex became the first and only project manager at Clearly Trained, a privately held custom eLearning, mobile development and graphic design firm chock-full of talented, eccentric individuals. In this role he is not only responsible for all project and account management, but instructional design, quality assurance, and the daily injection of lighthearted comedy are also included in his repertoire.

When it comes to project management, past and present employers and clients will agree that Alex is freakishly efficient. In fact, he's not only more efficient than the Mossad and '96 Chicago Bulls combined (WOW!). He believes that effective project management and accomplishing business goals begins with healthy, positive and honest internal and external relationships.

Alex is currently completing his Bachelor of Science in Management and plans to focus his education in the fields of social responsibility, community sustainability, and urban development well into the future.

Alex currently resides in Kentucky, with his wonderful wife, Amanda, and his perfectly sarcastic daughter, Madison. He enjoys honeydew, clean typography, soccer, Oxford commas, improving the lives of others, and is perpetually a hero for hire.