Alexander Brewer

Xander is a self ascribed investor ” work smarter, don’t work harder”.A self ascribed philosopher that claims to be deep as the abyss, while fronting a superficial enough facade that he remains friendly and well liked. Cause in his own words apparently having a conversation with someone who genuinely takes humor in the phrase "its not suicide that kills, its introspection” is not as desirable as having a conversation with someone who talk about the more popular subjects… go figure…So with that being said - I am the most awesome person that I know, and I surround myself with people who are equally awesome. I am me, nothing more and certainly nothing less. I do epic shit, hang out with epic people, think epic thoughts and try to enjoy my life to the fullest extent possible.

Life is short. Grab life by the reins, live it for yourself and live every day like you wont get the day back - cause you wont.

-"Everybody dies, but not everybody lives" - Drake