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Alexis Elliot

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Hi! I am Alexis and am a Registered Early Childhood Educator! I have had numerous experiences working with children from infancy to 18 years old in school settings, child care, home care, and in hospitals. I have learned a lot from the different settings that has allowed me to continue to devleop and alter my educational approaches to best help the needs of the children.

Here are some of my previous experiences and what my duties were:

Registered Early Childhood Education, Peekaboo Child Care – August 2012 – May 2013

Duties include: daily monitoring and tracking of social and intellectual progress of children within preschool, managing classroom and playground, integrating age specific curriculum, providing developmental reports and working as a team with outside professionals. Preparing children for the beginning stages of literacy, mathematics, cognitive development and fine/gross motor and social skill development. Adhering to Ministry of Health and Safety, communicating with parents about set child’s day, and writing progress reports for individual children.

*Effective in implementing unique developmental learning activities that support inclusion for children with special needs.

Tutor for Children with Learning Disabilities, Private Households- August 2012 – Present

Duties include: teaching children through different techniques specific to writing, reading and math. Planned educational activities that obtained the child’s interest, daily communicating with parents about the child’s development throughout the session, and developing plans with parents for child’s success.

* Have worked with children whom have hydrocephalus, children who have highly functioning autism, and behavioural problems

Co-operative Student, The Hospital for Sick Children – January 2012 – March 2012

Duties include: daily play-room organizational management, regular communication with patients and their families, developing a supportive and responsive patient atmosphere through fun activities and games. Coordinating events for patients and families, organizing and implementing developmental play sessions, and working side by side with a variety of Hospital professionals.

*Developed an effectively self-managed schedule to ensure consistent interaction with patients in facilitating strong relationships

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