Alexis Polishchuk

Brooklyn, New York

Alexis Polishchuk

Brooklyn, New York


My name is Alexis. I'm 21, and a rock/soul vocalist. Music pretty much means everything to me. I recently graduated Brooklyn College with a Political Science degree and most likely plan on going to law school.

I believe that the true beauty and depth we find in every-day music is real. Music is a portal to anything and everything worth any depth in this world. It can be the blossom of love. It can connect you with important matters in the world. It can bring about an amazing time with others who play music, and possibly save others in difficult times.

Most importantly, it inspires people to do great things. Its power is truly infinite.

Music Influences: Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Alice in Chains, Janis Joplin, Hole, Sound Garden, Pearl Jam, The Beatles, Blink-182, Temple of the Dog, Tom Petty, The White Stripes, Marylin Manson, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Bob Dylan, Radio Head, Oasis, Death Cab for a Cutie and an infinite amount so on...

Every week I will post a few songs and discuss their meanings & influence. Please feel free to like my page and or leave comments!!

* Please note, that I try to use real facts about these songs. However; please do not forget that I also weave in my own assumptions as well, that might be wrong to some degree, or might just blatantly disagree with your opinions and or popular beliefs.

ALSO: This blog will not always be politically and grammatically correct.

Enjoy! (I've heard i have excellent taste)


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