___ Alexis Argiros ___

Amherst, Massachusetts, United States

I am currentlly an accounting major at University of Massachusetts Amherst at the Isenberg School of Management. I grew up in Westwood, MA and throughout my time as a student in my town and here at UMass I have always been involved in a customer service position or a job that is extremely people skills oriented. Next summer I will be interning at EY one of the big 4 firms in Boston, MA on their Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services Team.

Though I have spent most of my time working while balancing being a student I have also found time for one of my passions, henna tattooing. When I was a junior in high school I was doodling and my sister asked me if I was drawing henna, when I looked it up to learn what it was, I fell in love with the designs and the art of henna tattooing.

As I practiced and taught myself more and more designs I started keeping a scrap book of all my different works. As my book grew, I started practicing on people and doing tattoos for my friends. About a month in, I decided that I should have a small business doing what I love. Since about my 2011 I have been doing birthday parties and events in which I do a variety of things- henna tattooing, nail art, and facepaint. I absolutely love being able to express my passion in places I would never be and on people I never would have expected if it was not for henna. It will be something that no matter what I do with my career I will always do and always have as strong passion.

  • Education
    • University of Massachusetts Amherst