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Alexjander Bacalso

I'm not an expert of any programming language but I know various of programming languages. There so many Programming languages exist today but it doesn't matter to me because I believe that Only One Logic will Prevail.

To be a programmer, it doesn't matter whether you graduate or NOT or even more on what school did you graduated. What matter's most is the fashion of doing a computer program and most importantly is the logic on how to solve a problem because programmer is a problem solver not a problem maker. If you want to be a programmer, don't rely always to your Instructor, remember that the only thing interferes your learning is your education (Instructor). I did not say to neglect your instructor but to find a way on how to learn more is a better way to learn on what ever profession you've would like.

I'm not born to be a teacher but I did it some time ago of my career. I teach my student on how to acquire knowledge with wisdom not just by learning the topics that i discuss.

It's not in my personal looks you can say who I am. It's not in my gesture you can say on what I can do. I am determined in everything I do and this is to work things out properly, in such a way that people will not only appreciate my work but as an example purposes.

I am a person who can appreciate the purpose of everything because I believe that everything happens in the purpose to make things better.