Alex Kenjeev

Public Speaker, Investor, and Advisor in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Alex Kenjeev

Public Speaker, Investor, and Advisor in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Alex Kenjeev is an accomplished entrepreneur, business advisor and venture investor. He is also a frequent contributor on CTV News, where he comments on economics, business and personal finance.

As president and co-founder of O'Leary Ventures, Alex manages a portfolio of dozens of companies in a wide range of industries, including consumer products, technology, food and apparel. In this role, Alex identifies and evaluates hundreds of investment opportunities, structures and negotiates every aspect of each deal and advises CEOs on management, finance, marketing and business strategy. He also successfully launched several media, beverage and financial services products.

Alex is also a principal and co-founder of Vibrant Equity, a private equity firm focused on revitalizing disadvantaged communities and providing quality housing to low-income families. He is an active angel investor and advisor to several companies, including Kash, a Y-Combinator company revolutionizing the payment industry, and Blue J, a tax planning platform built on cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

Previously, Alex co-founded Dayforce, a company that transformed enterprise workforce management with a dramatically faster and easier app that works entirely in the cloud. Dayforce enabled small and medium sized businesses around the world to achieve the same standards of labor efficiency, compliance and employee satisfaction that were traditionally enjoyed only by much larger organizations. Alex and his team negotiated Dayforce’s aquisition by Ceridian, the world’s third-largest payroll company, in a nine-figure transaction. Today, Dayforce is Ceridian’s signature, flagship product.

After the sale of Dayforce, Alex famously paid his $120,000 student loan in cash.

Prior to Dayforce, Alex was president of a management consulting firm, where he advised companies on marketing, strategy and growth. Alex grew the consulting practice to its largest size, as measured by both revenue and number of clients, in 45 years.

Alex earned a JD and MBA at the University of Toronto, where he served on the Governing Council and was awarded the Gerald W. Schwartz bronze medal. He was admitted to the bar of New York, Massachusetts and Ontario. Alex also earned a BA at McGill.

Alex was raised in Montreal in an immigrant family, and attended FACE, an urban public school with open enrollment and an arts curriculum. He speaks English, French and Russian.

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