Alexander Marques

Bay Area, CA

In the last few years, Alex has written over 1,000 songs, backed up 5 different projects, written songs for at least 30 different artists. Gained the attention of multiple Grammy Winners and Youtube Celebrities. Had a concept song shoot up to 80 thousand views in the blink of an eye, not to mention served as a consultant as a social media promoter for most of his artists. The kicker behind all of this, He did it all in one try.

Spends his days as a student at Chabot, but his off time as a talent scout and promoter on his channel. Songwriting is how he gets down all of his ideas and emotions, his mind for Social Media is how he connects them with others internationally.

He never wanted to focus this much into music, but it seemed a higher power has steered him in that direction. In the beginning he wrote songs for fun, until he saw that people where really connected to what he was about. He has gone from writing one or two a month, to writing at least 35 a night in some cases. When he writes, he wants to strike an emotion, and does stop until he has hit more than one. He never had it easy, and sometimes had to create barriers for himself just to work a bit harder. He is constantly looking for new artists to work with, new brains to pick, and new relationships. It helps add to the experience he wants to bring when you hit play. It's the same feeling he gets when he hears his idols do their thing. MJ, Ne-Yo, Bennett, Sedaka. All great songwriters, well Alex wants his name up there too.

Some say he is weird, some have called him a genius, and some have even gone far enough to call him a Mogul in the making. The ideas, the concepts, the motivation, misplaced attention, the sleep deprivation. It only makes him work harder. If you want to check him out. Feel free to contact him.

Artists Written For:

- Emiline Nehaus

- January Steward

- Greg Steward

- Patrick Anthony

-More to be added