Alex Mihail


My name is Alex Mihail and I have been avidly in to music from a very young age. Thanks to one of my best friends encouragement I picked up and began seriously learning and playing guitar around the age of 15, we helped teach each other throughout secondary school and, thanks to some friendly competitiveness, we both progressed and have been self taught since then. During my teenage years, guitar playing become more of an addiction rather than a hobby and I spent almost all of my free time jamming with friends, learning new songs and studying theory, I quickly latched on to solo/instrumental virtuoso guitarists and made it my goal to be able to play as good as my heroes. Even though I have been largely interested in Metal for many years, I have been heavily influenced by Classical music which has helped me develop a somewhat unique style I feel. After exploring different styles of guitar, I moved on to 7 and 8 string guitars to try and develop my style further.

I studied music in school at GCSE level, Grade 5 theory and Grade 8 guitar and went on from there to National and Higher National Diplomas. I plan on going to Uni to finish a degree and possibly end up teaching/tutoring music.

My current band September Cross is the first serious project I have been a part of, we currently have a 3 track EP available for free at the link below and are working on a range of new material to record an album with in the near future. We gig locally on a regular basis which has helped me gain confidence playing in front of people.

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