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Researcher/Technical Writer in New York

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Alex Rosenblat is a technology ethnographer who studies automation, labor, and work. Through qualitative research in online forums and through interviews, she studies how Uber and Lyft drivers manage their work in semi-automated workplaces across varied regions in the U.S. and Canada.

Professionally, Alex is a Researcher & Technical Writer at Data & Society in New York. She has an MA in Sociology from Queen's University in Kingston, Canada, and a BA in History from McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

Keywords: algorithmic management; autonomy and work; platforms; gig economy; socio-technical systems

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Recent Academic Outputs:

Rosenblat, A., & Stark, L. (2016). Algorithmic Labor and Information Asymmetries: A Case Study of Uber’s Drivers. International Journal Of Communication, 10, 27.

Working Paper:

Rosenblat, A. Levy, K., Barocas, S., & Hwang, T. (2016). Discriminating Tastes: Consumer Ratings as Vehicles for Bias. Presented on Sept. 22, 2016, at The Platform Society, Oxford Internet Institute.

Bonus: Best Paper Prize. Thanks, Oxford!

Recent media outputs:

HBR: The Truth About How Uber’s App Manages Drivers

The Rideshare Guy: How Can Wage Theft Emerge in App-Mediated Work?

Motherboard: Uber's Drive-By Politics

Motherboard: Phantom Cars

Pacific Standard: The Future of Work: For Uber Drivers, Data Is the Boss

Press Coverage Highlights:

New Scientist - Do Uber ratings let passengers discriminate against drivers?

The Wall Street Journal -At Uber, the Algorithm Is More Controlling Than the Real Boss

MIT Technology Review -When Your Boss Is an Uber Algorithm

Semana economica -Mandos medios desaparecen en las empresas de economía compartida

The Guardian - How Uber Conquered London

The Awl- The Uber CounterCulture

Notes from the field:

Uber Screeds

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