Alex Sarama

Managing Director of Goldhawks Basketball in the United Kingdom

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Alex is the Managing Director of leading UK basketball programme, Goldhawks Basketball.

"...Alex ensures that Goldhawks Basketball put a stamp of excellence on everything they do..."

- Spencer Wood (President of Icebox Athlete)

"...He is wise well beyond his years, a true professional and has a tremendous acumen for the game of basketball and the game of business...”

- Alan Stein (Director of Performance for Pure Sweat)

"...When it comes to basketball training in the UK, Alex Sarama and his Goldhawks team are as good as it gets. Their attention to detail, top-notch events and passionate coaches provide players will opportunities to excel on the court..."

- Drew Hanlen (NBA Skills Consultant, CEO of Pure Sweat)

  • Education
    • University of Nottingham