Alex Shamash

Alex Shamash is in his seventh year as head of development with the leading messenger software company Messenger Plus! In his position with the company, Alex Shamash has helped the company grow to serve over 60 million customers globally. While Messenger Plus! has hundreds of uses, one of the primary applications of this multifaceted program is its function as an online tool to protect children using chatting software.

Alex Shamash studied at prestigious Manchester University, where he learned media studies and business administration, Alex Shamash places a great deal of importance on cutting edge technology. Professionally this is exemplified by his wide-ranging work with Messenger Plus! The software is the single-most important add-on for Windows Live Messenger, with over 500 million downloads since it debuted in 2001 as an unsophisticated addition to MSN Messenger 3.

Since its humble origins, Messenger Plus! expanded to become the transformative software it is today. In a world where safety and privacy are increasingly important considerations in the online environment, Messenger Plus! is a pioneer in the protection of children in the chat environment. The many features of the software include comprehensive HTML logs, password-protected locking options, account polygamy, and sophisticated contact updating and tracking. The highly anticipated release of Messenger Plus! 5 will be released early this year. In his job with Messenger Plus!, Alex Shamash was instrumental in helping the company expand to its present worldwide reach. His work includes building new concepts and ideas and managing and developing relationships with other technology companies.

An expert programmer, Alex Shamash also develops exciting new scripts, sites, and products for the broader public. Alex Shamash enjoys sailing and cycling in his free time, but his passion is technology. In addition to writing about the latest technological innovations, Alex Shamash actively participates in the annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where he regularly shows top new computer ideas. The CES is held every January in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.