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Where The Science of Touch, Meets The Art of Relaxation.

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I specialize in a relaxing light to medium pressure massage. I can throw in the occasional deep tissue move here and there, along with some trigger point therapy. However, I will not book a full deep tissue massage. Sorry for the inconvenience. I can also incorporate some Advanced Stretching in the session as well if you'd like.

My prices are very affordable for the type of massage you'll be receiving. I interned at a local resort that will remain unnamed that charges $120+ for a 60 minute massage session. This was $2+ a minute and 10 minutes of those 60 were spent for the consultation and dressing.

So you're paying $120 for 50 minutes of actual hands on massage. With my prices, you're paying less than a dollar a minute and receiving the SAME type of relaxing massage you'd get at a resort, in the comfort of your own home.

Massage Therapy sessions are available in the following increments:

30 Minute ($25) - Focus on Back/Shoulders/Neck/Legs/Arms

50 Minute ($45) - Focus on Back/Shoulders/Neck/Legs/Feet/Arms/Hands

70 Minute ($65) - Focus on Back/Shoulders/Neck/Legs/Glutes/Feet/Arms/Hands/Face

Consultation and dressing is NOT included in these session times.

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