Amanda Fry

Texas, United States

In August 2012, I was married to most wonderfully imperfect man. He drives me crazy in the most amazing way. God blessed me when He brought him in to my life.

I have the most loyal dog in the world. He's a Shepard mix that I found named Red.

We also have a Beta fish, named Rory. He is named after Rory from Doctor Who. Yes, I am a Doctor Who fan, don't judge me.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science...which is basically useless other than saying I actually graduated.

I now work in law enforcement. Don't ask me about it. If I tell you, I have to kill you. Ok, ok, I wouldn't kill you...or would I?

I have no kids! I's like a credential to have kids nowadays and I do not. Not that I don't want any, we are just waiting until we aren't We are loving life right now and when we are ready, God will let us know.

My family- I have six parents, including in-laws; all wonderful! I have six sisters and six brothers. And to top it off, I have two nieces and eight nephews. My family tree would need a blog all to itself to explain so we'll just put it this way...we're like the show Modern Family...but quadrupled in size...and probably funnier to watch.

My Friends- My closest friends is a group which we all refer to as the Wolf Pack. We are divided into two teams. One is the Bi-Polar Bears. My team is the Dream Killers. Make of that what you may.