Alfahad Altawil

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Born in Riyadh in December 21, 1987. I've been living there until I earned my associate's in Industrial Electronics Technology (2008) from Riyadh College of Technology and turned 21. That's when I moved to Washington state to continue my studies at Central Washington University and earned my bachelor's in EET and master's in Engineering Technology.

I'm simple: following my ambition, enjoying what makes me happy, being easily inspired by others, and wanting to lead a sucssessful life. I love smiley and optimistic people, and hope to be considered one. There are many things I enjoy doing--here's some:

Watching TV shows/anime

Playing sports with friends

Playing music and singing

Drinking coffee :p

Sleeping =))



That's what I have in mind so far. Thanks for reading! Feel free to check my other webpages :D

  • Education
    • Central Washington University