Alfi Sy Farsa

Bandung, Indonesia

Asyhadu Allaailaahaillallaah, Wa Asyhadu anna Muhammadarrasuulullaah

Just a simple man who was raised by parents who are incredible, my mother was a household and my father a tailor. I was the fifth of five children [two older sisters, and two old brother]. success I achieve this with the support and prayers of my family and for me the most precious treasure is the family. in any case I will always love my family. Insya ALLØH

"SAVE THE EARTH [Human, Plants, Animals, Water and Forests] and SAVE THE YOUNG GENERATION [Religion, Education, Language and Culture] "


  • Work
    • Operating system technical support, Bandung
  • Education
    • TKA Al-Ihsaniyah Bandung, 2000-2002
    • SDN Sukasari 1 Bandung, 2002-2008