Al Cassella

event management and Artist in Berlin, Germany

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His Father gave him his first guitar when he was 8 years old and his uncle, Joe Cassella ( International Musik Manager), showed him the basics from which he then developed his own Style.

In Siena he met the Opera, mostly with her Singing Teacher Antonella Gozzoli.

For a short time he was an actor, mostly with the Professor Antonio Tabucchi.

Now Alfonso and his guitar live in Berlin, where they work together as a musician; splitting his time between song writing and singing classically.

He still makes time to enjoy the other finer things in life where painting takes up a special place and where his inspiration comes from the color orange.

In fews words: authentic, energetic, artistic, creative, positive

Other cultures interest him, especially its culinary side, where great food and delicious wine make a pleasant occasion.

Music is for him the path to paradise.

On the bottom you can listen his music, follow the orange cloud.

  • Education
    • Empirical musician