Alfred Arcifa


[Born on nineteen eighty three] in a small house of a little town built in the east sicily coast(CATANIA - (IPA: /kaˈtanja/) ). Near this town there's the famous biggest volcano in europe: ETNA.
We love ETNA. It isn't a bad company. Sometimes Etna..ehm..burps!IT'S NATURAL!Who don't burps?!!From birth they tell us.

However, [I'm a tipical mediterrane]: black hair, (magnetic) green-brown eyes, brownish skin (in summer time), body { height: 6'; weight: 184 lb; } (CSS code in my head too)...CONCLUSION: ''siciliano D.O.C."! MINCHIA! :)

[I grew up] with pasta, bit and console.
My first console was: Nintendo (NES). Ooooohhh..MARIO!
<<piri pi piri pi PI..SdoUNcH!!GAME OVER.>> ERRATA CORRIGE.My first console was: COMMODORE 64!!
[My first PC] was a 356 (80Mhz CPU and 80Mb hdd; OS: Win 3.1; )from my father used. I really used it in high school for C++ programming language.I've produced some programs and one of this used graphics interface. Something simple, do not think!

[My high school] was an Industrial Technical with specialization in computer science. For five years I've apprehended a few 'bit' of programming languages.
Assembly, Turbo C, C++ and a little bit of Java.
I was certificated in 1999/2000 with graduate 80/100.

[Mathematical Science, Physics and Natural course in 'Informatica']. I was excited.
In that university all spoke in 'matematica'... 3:x=y:10..eq(x=9; ecc)...damn!Where were programming languages?
Mathematical analysis, discrete mathematics education, algebra, numerical training, etc.
I was afraid in the first year. Only a course i've passed with 27/30 was Programmation I. Fundamentals of java, OOP, recursive trees, data analysis, function, objects.
I dreamed that world...Not Matematica, Statistic, Physics, Algoritms.

Now I find myself still do not graduate in 2012. I miss 2 subjects and I'm struggling to study.
[In the recently one passion I have really grown so much!(a few in past!) ... Web Programming!]
My first steps I took them with Dreamweaver.
Since childhood I have always had a creative streak drawing, especially anime and manga Japanese cloning.
[Maybe I found a way to get it out. HTML CSS.The right way.]

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