alfredo romeo


Since 2001, I have been studying the social and economical consequences of IT implementation and socialization across all type of industries, realizing that open source / free software communities were the very first sample of an industry shaked by new social trends. This knowledge took me to write the first Spasnih book on the digital revolution and free software. La Pastilla Roja (2003)

Since then, I am constantly thinking, prototyping, designing and developing, business models, products and services around local data, smart cities, internet of things.

In the last 3 years I have been working in Intelify, a platform to connect the physical world to the Internet using an array of technologies like NFC, QR, Bluetooth or Wifi just to name a few.

One of the milestones during the last decade was to design and develop, back in 2005, a touristic electric rent-a-car assisted with location-based technology. We were awarded some prizes and lots of mentions around the world. We were probably ahead 10 years.

I have also promoted, designed and developed local communities to generate local content in a collaborative way. Since 2005, those communities have created more than 120.000 local and free articles in less than 7 years in cities like Cordoba, Madrid or Andalucia just to name a few.

Last but no least, I have learnt how the online poker industry works as Los Pelayos´ technology strategy consultant, one of leading players in the Spanish gaming industry.

Besides, I had an important financial background working for 2 years in a midsized successful bank in Saint Louis, Missouri, as a financial analyst.

  • Education
    • Saint Louis University