Algae Fuels

Algae Fuels

The EnviroH groups branding is being continually developed as an environmentally focused green and clean impact brand to optimize outreach and market penetration - whilst our technologies, fuels, products and solutions are specifically designed to address environmental issues and facilitate both sustainable development and low carbon transitional change.

As an Innovation led R&D, Engineering, product development and distribtution group EnviroH works with its partners to develop and commercialize advanced cleantech and biofuel technologies, micro-algae and fuel synthesis - clean fuel and bio-energy delivery systems and bio product manufacturing processes.. We look to develop and deploy a range of systems, facilities and plant to deliver EnviroH™ branded alternative fuels, chemicals and bio products for industrial, commercial and domestic application

Our EnviroH algae™ green fuel processing and bio-energy delivery systems are being developed and designed for sustainable city and green building developments, innovative structures and modern self-powering architectural designs

EnviroH is working with the Bio Hydrogen Partnership and other key innovation partners to develop the commercial Biotechnology platforms to harnesses the bio fuel, hydrogen and bio product producing capabilities of micro-algae.

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