Algae Power

Algae Power

EnviroH is working with the Bio Hydrogen Partnership and lead technology - innovation partners to develop the technologies and commercial platforms to harnesses the bio fuel and bio product producing capabilities of micro and macro-algae

The EnviroH Bio Hydrogen Partnership is an International collaboration which has a unified focus to continually develop the advanced bio fuels, micro-algae technologies, systems and facilities to deliver bio-hydrogen as a sustainable and market competitive fuel and power source

Our commercial strategy is to establish EnviroH as a leading advanced fuel and bio-energy provider, an alternative chemical, cosmetics and bio product developer and distributor

EnviroH algal bio reactors, green fuel processing and bio-energy delivery systems are being developed for sustainable city and green building developments, innovative structures and modern self-powered architectural designs

The EnviroH groups branding is being continually developed as an environmentally focused green and clean impact brand to optimize stakeholder engagement, market outreach and penetration - whilst our technologies, fuels, products and solutions are specifically designed to address environmental issues and facilitate clean fuel, sustainable market developments and low carbon transitional change.

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