Ali AlBadri


Optimistic and open to understand and learn new things. Fast learner and Enthusiastic toward Creative projects and Ideas. Motivated to learn and work on tools that bring ideas to life. I like to manage stress and time. Respect of time is important and I enjoy sharing knowledge and helping other to find solutions for their problems.

General Artist

Like to work on projects that have artistic value and Ideas. interested in creative innovative and artistic motion picture. also passionate about Mixing different medium to achieve certain idea and imagination.


The main interest is photographing environments. Like to capture images that show the beauty of our surrounding then show it to the world.

Martial Artist (Aikido)

It is a way of life, fighting without Fighting. It keeps the mind thinking and working beside the health benefit and few techniques to be used in defense if necessary.

  • Work
    • Freelance Generalist Artist
  • Education
    • BA Animation