ali aljunied

ali aljunied

The names' Ali. I'm studying in National University of Singapore. Although I may come across as an Arts student due to my flamboyant dressing, I am majoring in Computer Science.

My dad and I started pictureU, an Instant Photography business for events in 2009. So as you guessed, I am a part-time photographer. More on that at

I plan to make an application on one (or probably all) Android/Iphone/Windows7 market so that I can retire early by selling a few million copies. Doesn't hurt to dream. A 9-5 job isn't entirely enticing really.

Then I'll probably write a book on programming and move on to be a stand-up comedian. (maybe I might just skip writing the book)

I love teh-tarik and johnsters(roti john) at Raimah's in Kembangan (Singapore). Feel free to add me in Facebook if you think I can be your future husband. Hurhur.