Frankie Torres

Metro Manila

Frankie is a high-energy twenty-something of mixed Chinese, Filipino, and Spanish descent who feels compelled to publish online, often in real time, the minutiae of a life spent in perpetual motion. She is a junior marketing strategist at powerhouse digital marketing agency Virus Worldwide, having earned her degrees in Masters of Science in Management and Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from the University of Asia and The Pacific.

A storyteller at the core, Frankie believes that great stories change the world. Her current fascination lies in the potential for using transmedia (particularly multiple social media platforms) to connect with consumers and create a more interactive brand story. She is inspired in particular by the work of Pemberley Digital, and hopes to be part of similar endeavors in the future. Currently, however, she is honing her storytelling talents in the practice of marketing, particularly in the realm of digital strategy.

Aside from marketing and social media, Frankie is fond of reading, writing, music, theatre, visual arts, and travel (in her junior year, she took a two-month community development internship in Brazil for AIESEC). She is lead vocalist for the pop-rock fusion outfit Stories Told; heads a growing independent music collective called Lost In Thought; maintains a somewhat-active (given her workload) personal blog; writes poetry, short stories, and scripts; and plays a cherry-red Takamine EG440C-STRQ named Elinor.

For more information (including projects, work experience, and organizations) follow the link-buttons below, or drop her a line via her email to request a copy of her CV.

  • Work
    • Virus, Inc.
  • Education
    • University of Asia and The Pacific