Alicia Raimundo

Alicia Raimundo has been a mental health advocate since she was 13, after she experienced serious bouts of suicidal ideation as the result of her depression and anxiety. She knows she came perilously close to being part of Canada's grim suicide statistics. Ten years later, she spends her days changing the world after finishing her undergrad degree in psychology, while volunteering at half a dozen mental health-related causes. She co-founded the online portion of Almond Health emotional wellbeing community website and is a member of a young adult team that works to translate academic mental health information into language that resonates with young people. She was also a facilitator of a "young survivors of suicide loss" group and takes every opportunity to speak publicly about mental health. She was on a panel of speakers for Canada AM's Speak Out On Suicide program, contributed to MTV's Let's Talk mental health campaign, is a regular guest on CBC metro morning, the international mental health scene and spoke at two Tedx events.

She advocates for meaningful invovlement of youth in all organizations, not just mental health related. As a 25 year old, she is living proof that you don't have to wait until your older to make meaningful change in the world. While many people are mystified with her age, she is empowered by many amazing youth organizations to believe in herself and continue changing the world.

Alicia's goal is to make people more connected to mental health issues while helping to eliminate the stigma attached to it, especially among youth . She calls herself a mental health superhero, and teaches others how they can become one too.

Watch her Tedx Talk here :