Alain Licona

I'm not a fan of writting "About me's" but I'll do my best. I started to learn Finnish (on internet) I'm taking Dutch classes. "Ik heet Alain en ik ben 22 jaar. Ik kom uit Mexico" I love listening to music and playing on the computer... I love social networks because you can make some good friends there... I say random stuff some times... and i think It could be funny.. My favourite drink is "Arizona" it is iced tea There are 32 different flavors; however, I've just drunk 16 different ones... I love them.. I don't drink nor smoke I'm very healthy =). I'm 23, however i'd like to be 16 or 17 sometimes.. it is such a beautifull age.. I take care of environment. I'm attending University, and I'm graduating on May 2011... I love winters, and cold places. Unfortunately mexican winters are not too cold.