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Alida Whiteoak is a grammatically challenged writer, who despite her technical inadequacies has a daily compulsion to work on her craft. For the last SEVEN years she has been slaving away at a retro cookbook (real recipes linked with a fictional storyline about life, fashion and love/lust), a project she holds as dear to her heart as arvo naps and when two chocolate bars drop down from a vending machine. She’s also written and illustrated a couple of children's book. None of the above have been published. On the topic of her zero publications, Alida maintains that her career is making headways: “It may appear like I’m shuffling food around a plate, but in fact I’m working hard on alignment and strategy”. She went on to describe an old flame's meal time ritual - “He’d spend at least five minutes pushing all of his same same vegetables together into portions. None could touch. Sure, it was painful to watch; I’d keep thinking- everything’s going cold!!! But once the ceremony was over he’d chow down his food with such precision and speed that we’d put down our cutlery together. You see, he got there in the end. Quite skilfully”, she added.

And when can we expect this book launch chow down to finally take place? Alida insists that she will (wants to) release a book early next year. She explained that her peas and carrots are compartmentalised, and that it’s now just down to potato chips. To separate her sweet potatoes from her kipflers, that is her question. And what will proceed her chips being suitably sorted? Alida informed me that the first book she wants to release is a children’s story about going with the flow. "I've struggled with doing such myself. I've discovered that a positive perspective is vital for enjoying whatever comes along", she revealed. "Oh, and October marks the date when I'll be heading to Europe to finally (hopefully) finishing my cookbook's first draft."

To conclude the discussion I asked Alida why with a lack of evidence solidifying her competency, she is a writer worth following: “My mum's a huge fan, and my dating profiles have gained rave reviews. One perspective went as far to say that I presented much better on paper than in person. So as you can see my work has received favourable feedback", she gushed.

When not overusing her spellcheck, Alida can also be found partaking in her other passions- yoga, travelling and eating.

If you want to watch her divide then conquer the above, click below.

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