Lori M.

Lori has worked as a freelance graphic/web/interactive designer, writer and photographer for a variety of clients including Northern Virginia Community College, The Africa Society of the National Summit on Africa, The Palm Beach Post, Art and Remembrance and Welcoming America. She's currently employed part time at the Center for Teaching, Research and Learning (CTRL) at American University in Washington, DC.

Lori has a passion for clean, streamlined, compelling design supported by strong, original concepts. She's also an excellent writer and is fluent in four languages. She's a highly creative problem solver and a great team player, but can also work independently. Her dream is to find a full-time job where she can use all of her skills to tell stories that may help make the world a better place (positions at news organizations, nonprofits, social marketing firms or educational institutions preferred).

Skills: Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, Final Cut, photography, print production, XHTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, WordPress (including PHP to customize themes), AS2, AS3, JS.