Ali Hanif

CEO in Canada

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Raised in the Middle East, somehow managing to avoid the war zones, I am now settled in Canada. I have worked for the University of Toronto, Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal, Thomson Reuters and most recently two startups.My ambition has always been to start my own business and 2015 is the year. My background in sales includes B2B, Enterprise, SaaS. Combined, I have close to 10 years experience in selling.I meet entrepreneurs and small business owners frequently, who tell me they find it hard to sell. I started to help entrepreneurs craft their story, understand how to connect with people and grow their business. If you don't know where to start or are struggling with getting customers I want to help.Startups are HARD, I learned some tough lessons and there is a darker side to startup life and failure. Because we need to encourage more open conservation on the darker side I founded a group to talk about failure. If you are having a tough time with it, and need someone to listen, I'm your man.

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    • Founder at HANALI