Alina Mekelburg

Personal Life Coach and Sales & Marketing Manager in Greece

This is who I am. Because what I do, doesn't define me.

My weakness- to make a really good first impression ;-)

- chocolate, sweets and more chocolate

- passionate love affair with my pillow and blanket and once up I am a morning zombie

- trying to do more than I can handle

- skipping my workouts, but like ... always

- and some others that I keep better secret

The essence of me:

- committed to life time learning

- open minded

- listening to peoples inner voice

- curious

It brakes my heart to see people:

- underestimating their greatness

- giving up on life

- settling for less than they deserve

- being unfair

- having no dreams
....and I am ready to go through walls for it.

Bragging rights:

- traveled to over 50 countries and met fascinating cultures

- lived in 3 countries

- passed exams in a language I barely speak, by now I speak 4

I have a passion for:

- improving the world

- dancing is my therapist, my friend and my best coach

- nature and fresh air

- empowering others to be the perfect version of themselves through Life Coaching

My believes:

- respecting everybody, because it's their right to be and not mine to judge

- the impossible is only impossible when you believe it's impossible

- perfection is to see the perfection in the imperfection

- There are no problems, there are only challenges to grow

Just a question before you leave me: Did you forget my bad habits?

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  • Education
    • Advanced Accredited Diploma in Personal & Executive Coaching
    • Financial Advisor
    • Banker
    • Commerce and Economics