Alison Fujino

Ali Fujino is the Executive Director of the Drachen Foundation (DF), a web-based digital collection of all things kiting. The site serves over 75,000 visitors annually and marries one of the world's largest private kite collections with the kites of individuals around the world. Ali researched, collected and digitized the world of kites and designed and led the team of designers and programmers who made the site possible. Through this 'online kite database', the public is able to upload their own kiting stories and experiences, and browse those of organizations and individuals all around the globe.

Ali brings to the non-profit sector a unique blend of experience in business; she owned her own design and production company and worked for the Smithsonian Institution. Her continuing education process leads her to teach students in elementary schools and universities and she has developed methods of teaching with kites that bridge almost every discipline – art, science, history, culture and recreation.

Ali is a lifetime alumni of the University of Washington, a Smithsonian Institution Art Fellow and an Explorers Club Member.

Other recent projects include serving as the Consulting Coordinator for and the Writer and Editor of Wings of Resistance: The Giant Kites of Guatemala.