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Alison Smyth

East Yorkshire

I am an enthusiastic digital marketing specialist, with 20 years experience of creating digital content. Old enough to remember the beginings of the web as we know it today, when I used VI on Unix on an Apache server to edit content which users browsed with Netscape. There was no such thing as cross browser testing :)

I'm currently working on A/B testing digital campaigns across web and email to increase engagement.

I am always looking for new skills to learn, currently this is angular.js which I'm hoping to incorporate into a couple of projects at work.

And in my spare time I'm studying an Executive MBA (I already have a BA in Business Information Systems and an MSc in Internet Computing with distinction). And if that doesn't keep me busy I love photography and jewellery making.

  • Work
    • University of Hull
  • Education
    • University of Humberside, Unversity of Hull