Alison Held

Westport, CT

Healthful Direction is a nutrition counseling and coaching company. Tired of the hamster wheel of chronic dieting? Alison's specialty is helping women who are chronic dieters manifest permanent weight loss and achieve a body they love.

Alison focuses on simple, practical and self-empowering solutions for uncovering the root cause of any health challenges in order to rebuild and restore balance to the body. She has over 10 years of Clinical experience working with individuals, groups and corporations to provide innovative counseling, education, and mind-body techniques for optimal health.

In addition to Alison’s work in private practice, she has overseen the development and delivery of several popular cookbooks and health programs and worked with a variety of organizations and teams on their wellness initiatives.

In her spare time, Alison enjoys hiking in nature, downhill skiing and traveling.

  • Work
    • Health, Wellness & Fitness Professional
  • Education
    • Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition