Alistair Riddoch

physics and information technology in Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Alistair Riddoch

physics and information technology in Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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Changing the universe first, then the world.

WE (humanity) have become entrenched in the idea that the universe actually runs on magic. The four funadmental forces.

WORSE we (humanity) believe time in different locations runs at different speeds!!

AN alternative to that is a mechanical universe, where the "space" between atoms is actually filled with tiny gears. Newton and Einstein both believed this to be true. At the level Newton worked at, it didn't matter.

BUT Einstein's work necessitated knowing. And he searched, as did others. No one coulf find an Aether. So Einstein, pressed ahead with his second choice theory, bendable time.

NASA now confirms that 95% of the universe is not matter. It is Dark Energy/Dark Matter, the compsure of which we do not know.

YOU see where I am going with this?

SO the logical question remains, can there be a specially shaped "gear" that creates the universe?

THAT is where luck comes in, I believe I found the correct shape, to make a mecahnical universe viable. Therefor, it is likely correct.

THE source of the shape is the pattern of oscillation in the cosmis microwave background signal (gravity coming from the Big Bang location). For it to represent the shape of that which it is composed, is logical. That is the basis of fractal geometry. Period.

SO my current mission or goal, superceding commercial endeavours, is to publicize the question, till it gets in front of the right pair of eyes.

ANY help, or offers to consider an alternate view of the universe that is likely correct because it is mechanical, are welcome (and implored) to contact me. :-D



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