Alizée Van Nhut

Paris, France

Hello !

I am Alizée, a french gourmet who loves to travel and try new culinary experiences around the world. I spend most of my time in Paris, where I study business, but I try to travel as often as I can.

My first travel was at the age of 10 months in Bali, Indonesia ! Since then, I have been travelling on every continent of the world, looking for adventures and new gustatory pleasures. My family loves travelling so I had the chance to travel a lot and therefore to try many different kinds of food. I love travelling and eating, especially discovering new meals and share my culinary experiences with my friends and family.

Until June 2014 I was studying in Australia for one year, I travelled around and tried a lot of new food. Then, I had the chance to go to Thaïland for an internship in a web development agency. I enjoyed the exotic food of Thaïland and its beautiful landscapes while working and learning a lot about marketing and sales, which was a fabulous experience.

I am now back to Paris, France, where I have to study at uni one more semester, before going to the US for 6 months for an exchange program in an American University. Exciting !

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