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\Drinking Water Scams Revealed\
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Read this post prior to you think about paying for your drinking


Wouldn't it be nice to cease poisoning ourselves with polluted or unhealthy drinking water? I, for a single, felt that I would love to uncover a source of safe low-cost drinking water. (Ideally, I'd really like to turn on the tap, and out it would flow!)

No matter whether it really is curing cancer with magnets or herbal wonder-remedies or Vioxx, we've all noticed the wonderful claims men and women make about their well being items AND about how your whole life will be modified! I can inform you appropriate now that 90% are frauds. You may even have fallen prey to some of these scams, promoting you the most current fad. My sister discovered check out water ionizer reviews by searching the Internet. Me also. Should people want to be taught extra resources about kangen, there are many online libraries you can pursue. I've bought so a lot of kinds of drinking

water, I cannot recall. If you think anything, you will perhaps fancy to explore about high quality alkalux. Visiting go here seemingly provides suggestions you could give to your uncle. (If a lie is repeated often sufficient, it becomes \the truth\).

Lastly, right after several disappointments I got FED UP. I decided to get to the bottom of this desire we all have to make positive that our most fundamental nutrient -- water -- will hold us wholesome, not make us sick.

I checked out endless commercial internet sites and a number of university and government sites and I was dismayed at what I repeatedly identified:

--Outdated info or information repeated from other web sites

--Wild and sensational claims

--No research

--No refunds, and so on.

I already knew that we cannot trust our tap water simply because of the presence of up to 2000 contaminants.

Specifically, I discovered:

a) Bottled Water: a real mish-mash of high quality, typically no far more than filtered tap water sold at outrageous mark-ups and at quite an environmental expense.

b) Reverse-osmosis and distilled water: entirely ignored the medical evidence of the dangers in the ongoing drinking of water that is void of minerals, acid in nature and oxidizi