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Mircea-Alexandru Popa

stagehand, crewboss, and do-it-all-guy in Odense, Danemarca

Mircea-Alexandru Popa

stagehand, crewboss, and do-it-all-guy in Odense, Danemarca

My life is about living for the good moments and making the best of those that aren’t.

I am enthusiastic in finding a job in marketing to be able to challenge and prove my knowledge and later on to start my own bussiness which I dream for a while now – a Romanian wine bar.

My principles in life are:

be creative – put the inner child to work and hope you never lose it;

be social – it’s the future;

be curious – it can’t harm, it only killed a cat;

enjoy life – it’s to short to be wasted;

be determined and push dreams;

always ask for what you want – you have far better chances of getting it.


living in Odense, Denmark and online;

experimenting with social media;

I am:

a graduate student of the University of Southern Denmark;

always doing something or figuring out how to do something;

addicted to internet and to all tech things that have buttons;

creative and innovative and when required i can find the resources to think outside the box;

instilling passion in everything I do;

with the head in the clouds sometimes.

I like:

cycling and driving;

travelling and sightseeing;

photography, althogh I am just an amateur;

to cook a lot – and I do it quite good;

to try new things;

to pay attention to other people and learn from them, from their mistakes and their successes. I believe that learning from others and sharing what you’ve learned should be standards to living a life.

I dislike:

sticking to the status quo simply because things have always been done that way;

people that think they are always right and don’t even bother to stop and listen.

Give me a challenge and I will do my best to make things happen.

For any info just drop me a line and say „Hi” , and please feel free to browse my online profiles listed below.

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    • Cand. Merc. - Marketing, Globalization and Communication (graduate)