Allegra Scharff

Rhode Island

Although my peers and I consistantly debate over the validity of a Liberal Arts Degree, I have been using my education consistantly throughout and now after college. From creating the most sought after Outreach Program for the Rhode Island Museum of Sciene and Art, to working as Youth Program Managers, Coordinators and Mentors at Urban Farms and Public Housing through-out Rhode Island, I am always calling upon my 'college knowledge' to inform my programs, ideals and practices.

Apparently, I do have a blurb for the alumni magazine.

At work and outside of it I jump at the chance to speak publicly. Alongside my impromptu speaches at inappropriate times I am singing, pushing myself to start learning spanish and begining to work on my blog so stay tuned. Otherwise I'm simply trying to change the world.

  • Education
    • Bates College: Environmental Studies & Education