Allen Eley

California, Usa

Allen Eley worked as a police officer for many years in the bustling county of Riverside California. His main goals were to protect and serve. While he medically retired and longer works as a law enforcement officer, Allen still works to protect and serve people but in a slightly different way. He opened his own private investigation and security service. While he was working as an officer, he was highly appreciated and won many awards such as two Life Saving awards, two Chief of Police Commendation awards, two Watch Commanders Commendation awards for leadership, one Riverside County District Attorney Commendation award for dedication of DUI suppression, and one Mothers Against Drunk Driving Commendation for dedication of Service and Commitment.

Allen is known for his dedication, commitment, and skills. Unfortunately he had to stop work for law enforcement after receiving an injury.

In Allen's free time he loves spending time with his family. His favorite thing to do is take his extended family out on boat trips over the summer. Allen and wife recently purchased a boat for their family and being on the water is always a great time.

  • Work
    • law enforcment
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Science, Criminal justice- California Baptist University
    • Masters Degree, Public Administration- California Baptist University