Allen Natian

Los Angeles, CA

My passion right now is to create engaging videos, as well as motion graphics art. As a graduate of California State University, Northridge (CSUN), I have the skills needed to produce videos and be engaged in all aspects of production from pre to post, and into the distribution side such as uploading and promoting on social media. In addition to my video skills, I am a motion graphics artist which further brings a new aspect to my videos.

I got my start in video production when I was a kid doing rudimentary editing using a camcorder and 2 VCRs. Now, I edit using Adobe Premiere but I got my start in non-linear and digital editing using Final Cut 7. After years of education and finally graduating CSUN, I now poses the skills to not only edit videos, but to shoot and produce my own content.

In addition to video production, I also know motion graphics art which means I can bring to life still designs and illustrations to add a new dimension to videos. Being a motion graphics artist also means that I have a graphic design background which can further add a new level of creativity and production quality to my videos, such as interesting framing, or the choice of lighting; the elements and principles of design are applicable to almost any visual medium.

I am also a still photographer who has shot events for high-profile guests at Fox Studios, as well as a published contributor to CSUN's campus newspaper, the Sundial.

I pride myself on taking the time to be attentive to detail and quality, and being able to research creative solutions to any problem that I encounter in my trade.

  • Work
    • Singularity University (summer of 2012)
  • Education
    • Glendale Community College
    • California State University Northridge