Suzy Allers

Dallas, TX

Hi! I'm Suzy, or Suzanne if you prefer the long version. I'm 32 and just quit my corporate job four months ago. This blog is about learning how to do the things I've never mastered or had time to dedicate myself to. In short, it's learning to be a housewife with no kids, and just how interesting life can get.

So, I've never been what I call a good "housewife." Despite my fantastic mother's best efforts while I was growing up, I never latched on to cleaning or cooking. As a kid, I would have rather been outside in the trees or watching my dad in his workshop. So, part of this housewife journey is to conquer the things that my mother made look so effortless. As a couple that would typically just go out to eat every single night of the week, my cooking skills are a wee bit rusty. As a couple that always had a maid come in once a week to clean up, I'm finally doing what a good friend admonished me for once --"Cleaning my own damn house." The good part is that I get to decorate it too.

The fun part of the housewife style is that I get to spend time on some of my favorite hobbies -- gardening and art. I call my garden "The Factory" because it produces way too much food for two, but is the basis for the soon to be world famous (I hope) "Suzy's Salsa." Nine tomato plants, onions galore, too many peppers too count, plus every herb under the sun make up most of the garden. Art is something that I've always enjoyed, and I'm back into working with clay. I'll post photos of what I've completed or working on as I go.

You'll witness the other joys in my life as I go like Travel and DIY projects. Now, I am not what you would call a crafty person. You will not see felt and ribbons decorating my house....ever. However, I do enjoy making things - with tools and a little ingenuity. The hubby and I bought our first house six months ago and it's a renovated 1920's Tudor so I'm learning a lot about old buildings and their quirks.

Share your thoughts with me and I'll do my best to describe my successes and no doubt my failures.