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All Events Africa

All Events Africa

ALL EVENTS AFRICA (AEA) is the definite choice for turnkey solutions for all your Leisure requirements. We have successfully navigated the many obstacles that hinder the provision of great experiences and have packaged our services in a tailor made solution to you. Having delivered many years of quality experiences for our clients we are able to make a solution for your guests. Many Corporate Companies and individuals have come to depend on us for their Leisure needs and we are proud of this fact. We take this responsibility very seriously and always strive to produce Bespoken Events and Exhilarating Experiences.

AEA is truly a Proudly South African Company with global reach. Our clients are from every corner of the globe and their discerning taste and strict requirements affords us the opportunity to operate to higher standards. Being a local company also affords us the opportunity to offer Local and International clients alike the Perfect Holiday, Best Tourist Attractions, Affordable Travel, VIP Hospitality and access to all the Best Events in South Africa, Africa and Abroad.

AEA promises to create an exclusive atmosphere at every event that perfectly reflects your company's image. Whether the attendance is small or large, we will strive to treat each of your clients as an important client of ours. When you partner with AEA, you will be working with an experienced and trusted business partner with over 50 years of management experience, completely capable of delivering a consistent and flawless service.

We are well positioned to deliver events on par with international standards. This is possible as AEA draws on its vast operational experience in planning and executing both international and local events at major world-class venues.

The key to our success is in developing highly efficient production systems for specific food and beverage brands. We have also invested heavily in equipment and staff training. With specially trained staff and effective systems, we are able to deliver unrivalled speed of service while maintaining the highest standards of food quality and unparalleled service that we are proud of.

AEA employs expert event consultants who are able to help you conceptualize and plan your events. Our professionally trained staff will create an event that blends creativity, skill and experience rarely found in this industry to make any event an affair to remember. Our banquets are exquisite and the High End V