Alleya Hanifa

A bright teenager. Born 15 years ago, she's now a freshman in a high school in a country called Indonesia. She loves to write, sing, and design. Alline (her nickname) has written five children books : Millie Sang Idola (Dar! Mizan, 2006); Little Cuties (Dar! Mizan, 2007); Ashley's Adventure (Dar! Mizan, 2008); The Wonder Girl (Dar! Mizan 2009); and Aviredie (Dar! Mizan, 2010).

Beside writing, she likes the Internet and teaching, too. Alline is the one of four administrators of @MencobaBelajar. @MencobaBelajar is a Twitter account that shares knowledge, from pop knowlegde to school subjects.

She's interested in boys and girls, means she's willing to make friends with anyone. Don't hestitate to contact her!